Keto Diet For Beginners

Everyone's talking about the keto diet. It's the latest diet craze. Today, health journals are writing about it and the interest online is just popping. 

Similar diets have been attempted for decades. These diets keep coming back more popular than ever before because they produce great results. 

This could have an evolutionary reason as our forefathers did not eat processed carbohydrates or sugar like we do today. So our bodies may not be adjusted to those foods. 

Present-day science proves that it works. On a keto diet, most people can lose excess weight without hunger and a number of health issues tend to become better. 

What Is The Keto Diet? 

In simple term, the keto diet is a very low-carb diet. So low in carbs that the body has to change to essentially use fat for fuel. This can also be said about the brain.

Keto makes the body consume and burn fats for energy rather than carbohydrates. 

If the body simply figured out that there is no source of energy from carbohydrates because there are actually no carbohydrates inside the body, it will draw energy from other sources. 

Fats will be produced and will turn into ketones that provide energy for the body.

The body runs through the energy that comes entirely from fats. The thing is, the brain consumes so much energy every day and it cannot get its energy directly on fats. 

It can only rely on glucose, or the fats produced energy source, ketones.

What Does Keto Mean?

Ketogenic is the result of the keto diet. As a result, producing ketones. This is why the diet is named the keto diet.

Ketogenic happens when the bodies sugar levels have finished. 

The liver then converts fats into energy molecules called ketones that fuel the brain. 

As a result, your body will then begin a state that is called ketosis. This process is best known for its fat-burning capabilities.

Why Has The Keto Diet Become So Popular?

The keto diet has only recently been given a somewhat scientific name. However, the keto diet structure is very old origins. A well-known old diet called the Atkins diet is very similar to the keto diet.

What Are The Characteristics of The Keto Diet?

The keto diet has proven to be effective to millions of people around the world. It is a gluten-free diet that comprises of a low carb meal plan. 

The closest diet plan that you can compare keto is the paleo diet.

It can be a challenge for most of us to avoid carbs like pasta, rice and sugar. But replacing this with vegetables, meat and eggs can be life-changing.

How Does Keto Diet Work? 

Fundamentally the body can work on two distinct fuels. Sugar and Fat.

Most people use sugar from carbohydrates found in bread, rice or potatoes.

Using fat as fuel is the perfect way to lose weight. This necessarily means you’ll be burning fat without feeling hungry even when sleeping. 

Now that insulin won’t be able to function as its normal function, the body will find another option. And that is how ketones work. If ketones are produced, the body will enter the stage of ketosis. 

Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body will not be able to get energy from glucose or it is not enough to supply energy for the body. 

As a result, it will burn fats as replacements. Our liver will take the fatty acids all over our body and transforms it into ketones. 

Sometimes, even if the carbs are not enough or it is limited through our body, it will not directly enter the stage of Ketosis. 

But actually, by simply not eating you can find your way into the form of Ketosis. 

As the carbs drop, production of glucose will be limited. As insulin decreases, ketones increases. 

For starters, it is also known as fasting. But we also know that we cannot fast forever. 

There is a diet plan for this. On your path to ketosis, you have to maintain the sugar needs of your body. 

Even a very tiny amount will do. Additionally, the protein level should also be balanced.

What's Special About Keto? 

First of all, the keto diet is primarily created to help illness such as epilepsy or diabetes. 

Of course, this diet is for people who want to lose weight, control blood sugar, mental focus, balance cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Basically the first thing to do is to control your food and eating. Creating a well-balanced meal plan for this diet will be more effective for weight loss. 

As research shows, keto diet has better effects than the high carbs diet. You can actually start your appetite control with keto diet. 

Mental and brain focus is also one of the good benefits of the keto diet. If you are on a keto diet, the flow of energy is steadier. 

Study shows that the flow of ketones is much likely steady and stable than the flow of energy in the glucose. 

In result, an improvement of focus and mental performance will increase. 

Technically, when you are into carbs, you are just not fully aware that your mind is not 100% working. 

But if you have started the keto diet, the performance would be much better and you will figure it out in no time. 

Applying the OMAD diet while on a keto diet is possible. 

OMAD diet is the eating plan that you just eat one meal a day. On an OMAD diet, you are just eliminating the numbers of calories entering your body. On the other hand, keto diet uses fats as a source of energy. So it does work.

The keto diet is a long term diet plan and not just used as a temporary fix. 

Countless people who follow the keto diet plan enjoy it as a long-term lifestyle. Not just for losing weight, but for long-term health and well-being.

What makes the keto diet so attractive is that exercise is not required.

Exercising is always good but for keto, it's not required to lose weight.

Many people feel invigorated, full of mental precision and have stable blood sugar levels. 

Most of the hunger fades, cravings for sweet foods are diminished, so there's no need to snack all the time. 


So you're prepared to adapt to a keto diet to lose weight and enhance your well-being. 

Starting any significant lifestyle or diet changes can be inspiring but challenging particularly at the beginning. 

There are a bunch of distinct methods to discover and old habits to unlearn. 

In short, keto is a high-fat low carb low to moderate protein diet. 

By drastically limiting carbohydrates in your diet the body will start and sustain ketosis. 

A metabolic state where the body consumes a highly effective alternative fuel called ketones. 

To commence your keto journey off on the right foot here are our three key pieces of guidance.

  1. Consume the right foods

  2. Consume the right amount of those foods

  3. Prepare for the keto flu 

Most importantly check in with yourself from time to time to observe the changes in your body composition and how you feel to be sure that the keto diet is the right decision for you.